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Quitting With CBD

Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult AND most rewarding challenges we can endure.  We all face enough stress and hardships without the unpleasant thought of our quit.  Fortunately, CBD has proven to be a strong weapon in the war of overcoming tobacco addiction.  CBD studies, like this one from 2018, repeatedly show the advantage that CBD can give a smoker when they make the choice to quit smoking.  These published articles are becoming more common these days.  Below is some information about the cost of smoking, to put some things into perspective.

The Obvious Cost

Aside from the obvious cost of smoking, your health, days in your life, the smell, all of that nonsense, we all know there are financial costs. Let’s do some math, shall we?

Let’s say the average pack of cigarettes costs $6.28. Per month you’re spending $188, provided you’re smoking a pack a day, which is just under $2,300 per year. One decade later you’re looking at being nearly $23,000 in the hole.

We can take it a step further by speaking in the most valuable currency of all: Time. Going off of the same one pack per day metric above, each pack you smoke takes two hours out of your day. In one month that’s 60 hours you’ve surrendered.

In one year you’ve given up 720 hours of your time that you’ll never get back. You don’t even want to know how much of a decade is wasted smoking, but we’ll tell you anyway; that’s 7,200 hours you’ll never get back.

The Intangible Cost

Let’s do some more math, if you earn a livable wage of $15/hour, that’s $108,000 over ten years. If we spent our newly found free time devoted to more productive things we all might be in very different places.

Now let’s take a quick look at smoking costs against the cost of quitting with Evolution Life Science.  Please note, the 3 month, 6 month and 12 month fields are opportunities to purchase our tinctures in bulk, provided you're committed to your quit in this way.  3 month purchases receive a 20% discount, 6 month purchases receive a 30% discount and 12 month purchases receive a 40% discount.  



Awake (250 mg)

Activate (500 mg)

Ascend (1,000 mg)






3 Months


$108 (20%)

$156 (20%)

$228 (20%)

6 Months


$189 (30%)

$273 (30%)

$399 (30%)

12 Months


$324 (40%)

$468 (40%)

$684 (40%)


Alternative Comparison

One of the more popular quitting aids in America is Chantix. We have celebrity spokespeople talking about how great their experience has been, but we want to take a moment to give you a side by side comparison between side effects of Chantix and correlative benefits of CBD.

Known Side Effects vs Correlative Benefits

Chantix: Seizures

CBD: Used for its anti seizure benefits

Chantix: New or worsened heart/blood vessel (cardiovascular) problems

CBD: Used for its hypertension relief benefits

Chantix: Sleepwalking

CBD: Used as a sleep aid by insomniacs

Chantix: Serious skin problems

CBD: Used for its acne reducing benefits

Source: https://www.chantix.com/support-for-taking-chantix/faqs

We can go on, but we think you get the picture. Quitting smoking is often times a very stressful undertaking. This is another reason why CBD is a more effective measure in quitting smoking, as it has some great anxiety reducing benefits. This is one of the key components that drives success in quitting using CBD.

Expectation vs Reality

We can’t guarantee absolute results for several reasons:

1.) We don’t know what your plan to achieve your quit looks like at this time.

2.) We don’t know your level of commitment to your quit.

3.) We don’t know if you’re even ready to quit.


What we CAN do is...

1.) Give help to build you a foundation to work with on moving forward through your quit.

2.) Give you tools designed to help ensure that you are indeed prepared and committed to quit.

3.) Ask you this: Since time spent preparing without being ready is often wasted, are you ready?

Next Steps

Our goal here is to provide you with the confidence needed to take next step in starting your CBD journey.  We look forward to helping you integrate this non-intoxicating and non-habit forming natural supplement to bring about positive changes in your life. Use the promo code QUITNOW at checkout for 20% off your first order!

Are you ready?

Then let's do this!