Wellness Wednesday: Step By Step

The average American takes between 3,000 and 4,000 steps a day.  Depending on how big of a step you take, this could be roughly between one and a half and two miles.  There is a long list of benefits to taking the newly recommended 10K steps per day. Realistically, we might find it troublesome to achieve such a lofty goal, but hitting half that mark is the step in the right direction.  See what I did there? This Wellness Wednesday post will touch on why we should take advances towards stepping up our walking game. Oops, I did it again. You’re welcome.

Let’s just state the obvious, each time we put in the effort for these steps. 99.9% chance that we will be outdoors.  Getting out in nature, or even just in fresh, less than fresh air, we take the opportunity to unplug and connect with nature.  If we can get out in the sun then we can undoubtedly get a healthy dose of vitamin D, which has its unique set of benefits. Just to touch lightly on this, sun rays exposure hits cholesterol in the skin and provides the energy needed for vitamin D synthesis to occur.  

So not only are we getting a steady stream of vitamin D while we get in our steps, but there are other benefits we experience.  In addition to bringing vitamin D into for forefront, getting our steps in can greatly decrease heart disease and stroke, the chances of diabetes, obesity, depression and high blood pressure.  Additionally, some cancers, including breast and colon cancer, can have risk reduced. While we can’t expect ourselves to become overnight sensations in speed walking to achieve the high goal of 10K per day.  Take….baby steps...towards our own personal goal. Set it, smash it, continue.  

Working this into our daily routine can help bring about the foundation for small incremental changes in our lives.  We want to strive toward progression, as perfection is the true enemy of progress.  

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