Wellness Wednesday - Importance of Meditation

While we enter our second week of quarantine, it’s important to take care of ourselves. Sure, eating right is imperative. We are doing a number on our gut by eating poorly and, with our country’s new found love for TP hoarding, our plumbing can’t really take non flushables. This is another topic for another post on another blog. 

Our mental health has never been more cricual. You might be a novice home school teacher, you might be working from home, balancing a conference call while listening to Let It Go for the 9th time that day. The fact remains, we need to take care of ourselves, completely and fully. 

Meditation is still a very simple, very easy and very efficient way to achieve that. Set aside 5 minutes today and sit in (as much) silence as possible. Let all of your mounting concerns disappear and drift away into a state of nothingness. Enjoy the peace, tranquility and freedom to not think. Let your mind relax and stop letting video conferences, mid day press conferences and reruns of Frozen grip your sanity. People rely on you, now you need to rely on you. This can and will help you make better decisions and it will help you react more effectively to the situations that will continue to come. 

If you want further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you achieve greatness and evolve into who you want to be. 

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