Transformation Tuesday - The Stroop Effect

While Transformation Tuesday is usually designated for fitness, and it has its place, but today we are talking about transforming our brains. When we challenge ours brains we can create new neural pathways. The Stroop Effect is one way to build new neural pathways. 

The Stroop Effect is the finding that the time it takes a participant to name the color of ink in which a word is printed is longer for words that denote incongruent color names than for neutral words or for words that denote a congruent color. For example, if the word blue is written in red ink (incongruent), participants take longer to say “red” than if the word glue is written in red ink (neutral) or if the word red is written in red ink (congruent).

Below is an exercise to practice. 

 How did you do? Practice this often to help create new neural pathways! We hope this was able to open a new door to you and those around you! 

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