Time Management Tuesday - WTH Edition Take 2

If you’re fortunate enough to still be working through COVID-19 then chances are you might be working from home. I’m willing to bet that one month ago a small percentage of us was truly ready for what was to come. 

At first it was exciting, our new work clothes bring business up top, party down below. Our beloved family members and let’s became our coworkers. Now fatigue is settling in for some and this novel idea has lost its luster. It’s time to start finding new ways to move with this before all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 

First things first: have a plan. Don’t stress accounting for every minute of an hour, leave some wiggle room. But going into the day with a blank slate isn’t the beginning of a recipe for success. Some find planning the day the night before can be most beneficial, all we’d need to do is get up and go!

Our work area is to become our zen garden, i know that’s laughable. But like a lofty goal, it is what it is, something to strive for. When I say workspace I mean the entire building. It’s easy to lose sight of cleanliness in our social distancing, it’s not like we are having company anytime soon. Research has shown a connection between production and cleanliness. Additionally, our health and happiness can improve. Let this be part of our preparation routine. 

When planning out the day, it’s important to schedule breaks. Pomodoro technique variations have proven to be most effective. One popular method is 52 minutes on and 17 minutes off. However, if working within that tight confine isn’t favorable then 5-10 minute breaks every hour will be a solid baseline. When the break is taken it’s important to leave the designated work area. Taking breaks within the same space work is bring done is not going to be a relaxing endeavor and we’ll defeat the purpose of the break. 

When we take a break it is important to really disconnect. Some of us might mediate, as this has its benefits for hitting a reset button. If that isn’t feasible, let’s work our way into a room that doesn’t have a screen or a similar distraction. These moments are brief, we need to make the most of them to endure an effective dive back into work. 

Lastly for today, let’s remember to keep our work from home life separate from our home at home life. We are all coping with this differently. We are all trying to make sure we are doing our best job here, so let’s give ourselves that fighting chance. Let’s make sure our work area is confined to one area. This isn’t easy for some, so if it’s something that’s feasible let’s take advantage of this opportunity. Draw that line in the sand and don’t give away your power at home to your 9-5. You deserve more than that, especially if you’re out there working your ass off through COVID. 

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