Time Management Tuesday - WFH Edition

For the foreseeable future, WTF topics will be touched upon on Tuesdays around here. I’m sure we are all enjoying the new challenges of life on lockdown. Somehow we’re all adjusting to the new norm and some of us are wondering how long they can get away with working from home. So many of meetings really could have been emails, so much so that why should some employees have to be in the office at all? Really, think about it, downsizing an office space can only save money of its set up for the truly essential employees. I digress, just something to think about. 

When it comes to working from home there are a few things to try to stick to, and I get it, sometimes even the simplest routine can blog us down and stagnate even our best efforts. Setting up your day for success starts in the planning. Set up your day, every day. You can bet your ass that what you’re thinking is right - one lunch break is criminal. It’s your home, your castle; don’t let it become a prison. Take the breaks you need to keep you productive, but also to not make Jack a dull boy. 

Lists. They are so popular because they work. In a previous post we talked about rewarding yourself when tasks are complete. You banged out a long list of things to do for work? Then heck yeah you get to enjoy an hour of Tiger King! Rewarding ourselves for work is more important than ever. So while we toil away at home and strike items off the list, be good to yourself. You deserve it, we all do at this time. 

Workspace creation - this right here. This isn’t ending anytime soon, so why sit in a space that isn’t built for comfort? You don’t need a massive office or crazy luxuries, but you certainly owe it to yourself to be comfortable where you work. This is something that can be tweaked after hours or maybe even on the weekend to really focus on how this comes together, but don’t let a poorly designed workspace arrangement control your posture or make you feel trapped in your own home. 

Connect. Connect. Connect. I believe the ones who remain connected to colleagues in this will be the ones least negatively impacted by this. If your company doesn’t have mandatory daily video calls then make time to reach out to colleagues face to face when possible. Misery loves company and being able to connect with people who are in the same storm might help you, but it might also really help them. There is an isolating component to what we’re all working through here and this can sometimes take a toll on our mental health if we aren’t prepared. 

I hope this helps you in this crazy time. We are all trying to make the best sense of moving forward and finding the good in every opportunity life throws at us. Whether you’re making a list, making a work space, making a connection or making a plan, please know that your actions might help someone else out there who is also struggling through this. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We will have another special WFH edition next week! Stay productive!

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