Time Management Tuesday: Time Log

There is a lot to be said about measuring and tracking results.  Our personal metrics can show us areas in which we need to improve and areas in which we have improved.  Example, some people might look at a new idea they’ve been executing, without measuring the efficacy, even the possible small increments, we might be wasting our time.  Progress is progress is progress. Expecting perfection out of the gate is flat out insane, expecting anything beyond baby steps of success is the stupidest thing anyone can expect of themselves when they’re just starting out.  If this was the case with everything, obese people would remain obese and you wouldn’t hear about the success stories of the men and women who have beaten the odds to achieve impressive greatness. Seriously, side note, the unhealthiest people in the gym get more respect and admiration from me than the men and women who have been busting their asses in the gym for years on end.  Like most things, the newcomer is always the most important person in the room. I digress.

Tracking your progress is one surefire way to dissect your days and figure out the best ways to make adjustments.  Remaining fluid in this is crucial as well; adapting and changing is a necessity required to take things to the next level as far as productivity.  These posts are all about making sure you have new and simple ideas that are measurable and actionable. Let this one today be one that helps you take steps in a new direction.

Think about how much time is spent and wasted on doing things that add ZERO value to your life.  I do it ALL the time. Tax season is coming up, we have a blast getting those fat refund checks, but could you imagine what we could do if we got back all the hours we spent jerking about on our phones?  Or watching garbage TV that is barely entertaining at best anymore? Come on people, we are here for so much better than what we have settled for. OK, so, for this week, let’s track how our time is spent. And no, I am not talking about setting up screen time monitoring on your phone, I mean track the activities within the day, all of it.  See where your time is wasted. And for all you clowns out there, I get it, the few minutes you’ll spend tracking this might be funny to point out, but you’ll soon see that the time you spend following my suggestion to commit to a time audit is miniscule compared to watching someone go on and on about some great new shirt or some stupid fail video on youtube.  

So try this out - commit to a time audit.  To be fair, I’ll really make things super easy.  Track your morning routine tomorrow. I’ll even take it another step further - I’ll give you a blueprint you can use on a daily basis to track your time better.  Shoot me an email to mathew@evolutionlifescience.com to get your copy of this planner today.  

Good luck out there, let’s all make better use of our time!

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