Time Management Tuesday - Stop Procrastinating

Last week we went into the importance of daily scheduling. The act of physically writing down one’s schedule can help solidify the intent and motivation. We hope today’s message really drives this home. Procrastination. We don’t care who you are, it’s happened. 

There really isn’t a big explanation here. Look, we all have moments of weakness, days where we are a little overextended, we aren’t machines. Taking periodic breaks isn’t a bad thing, the top CEOs in the world nap and take that moment of rest. We all handle this differently, but at the end of the day there is only one way to fight it. Keep moving. One foot in front of the other. Don’t stop when the day is over, stop when the job is finished. 

Cultivating the motivation to power through can be difficult at times. Sometimes we set out to climb Mt Everest and we fail to even make the base camp. Procrastination doesn’t stem from laziness, it doesn’t even stem from a place of lack of motivation. Often times it comes from a place of too much motivation and an unwavering ambition. It has been linked to perfectionists taking on too much and throwing it all to the fire. Too many people create their Mt Everest’s and never make it to base camp, for a variety of reasons. 

Maybe we are fearful of success, maybe we are fearful of failure. At the end of the day, not getting started is the harshest thing we can do to ourselves. Sometimes it comes down to staying organized and keeping bite sized goals in mind. Remembering our limits and respecting them is one way we can keep on track to achieving our goals. We hope this article helps you begin to find new ways to achieve your goals. We want to hear from you to better help you moving forward!  

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