Time Management Tuesday - Make Your Bed!

In on May 17, 2014 Admiral William H. McCraven delivered a famous commencement speech entitled "Make Your Bed."  If you haven't heard it, please have a listen here.  This speech is one of the best motivational and inspirational speeches I've heard yet.  

Making your bed is a simple act that can yield some outstanding results, when applied regularly.  Some benefits are listed below, we hope you enjoy them!

1.) Create Your Retreat: When you make your bed you are putting an emphasis on its purpose.  A bed is for one thing, well, mostly.  A bed is for MOSTLY one thing, sleep.  Not eating, not drinking, not binge anything, except sleep.  Making your bed sets a boundary with yourself to keep it where it belongs: in your life as a tool for restful sleep, again, mostly.

2.) Continue The Habit Pattern:  Creating a positive pattern habit takes time and commitment.  Have you ever stared at a sink full of dirty dishes?  What did you do when you were finished?  Did you wipe the counters?  See?  Making your bed will inspire you to take a second look around and break up other energy blockers, like a pile of dirty laundry or a dirty plate that's been sitting under your bed since your last series of bad decisions.  Let that flowing energy continue to work FOR you, not against you.

3.) Cleaner Room, Cleaner You:  When we can see our bedroom floor without any obstruction, we can begin to feel like Julie Andrew's in the popularly meme'd scene from The Sound Of Music, spinning and flailing your arms free of any cares in the world!  Think about being able to lay on your floor in the morning and meditate or even practice some yoga, the possibilities are endless.  

4.) Stress Reduction:  Speaking of yoga and meditation, a made bed can help reduce the amount of stress in your life.  Make your bed in the morning, let it be the momentum needed to carry you to your coffee, your shower, your first zoom meeting.  Zen creation is a missing component of life in this world.  Take YOUR time and make YOUR bed to find YOUR balance.  Make this personal.  Make this about you.

5.). Productivity Burst: Back to Julie Andrews, while a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, momentum in productivity makes light work of the tasks that lay ahead.  If you didn't get to say that with an uplifting melody behind it then you did it correctly.  Productivity is often increased when we live with less clutter; even if your office is miles away from your bed.  So make your bed, clean your room, fold your clothes, put them away.

There is no doubt that having a clean room can translate into a feeling of accomplishment.  We want you to build upon your momentum and create a level of massive success through small changes in behavior.  Let us know how this has helped you!

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