Time Management Tuesday - Be Ready

We know this can sometimes be easier said than done. We all have crazy busy schedules, sometimes finding a moment of peace is a challenge in itself. When we create a schedule that works for us, one where we write down what we need/want to accomplish, this allows for us to behind implementing adjustments. If you’ve been following these last two months you know we have gone over ways to create a schedule from the bottom up. 

When we create this schedule, we want to make space for, well, life. Murphy’s Law should be sitting with us when we create our schedule. Chances are that Law will be with us when we are out there executing our goals. Imagine taking the kids to soccer practice, which starts at 3:30, sure you made extra time for traffic, but did you make extra time for the emergency roadwork detour you have no idea that’s coming? 

Life will always laugh at our plans, it’s inevitable. We can let it frustrate us, or we can be ready to adjust and go with the flow. That preparedness will allow for a variety of options for success in the face of roadblocks. Some examples might be…

  • Keep a list of tasks at work for when the network goes down. 
  • Work ended early for you today, you don’t need to be home early, keep a gym bag packed in the car for an unexpected workout. 
  • Have a running to do list on your phone, so when the doctor makes you wait an extra 30 minutes for your appointment you can get things done while you wait. 

The irony of writing this post? It started off titled “The Adjustable Schedule” when it’s really “Be Ready.” We are here to get things done. Our bodies are designed to move while our brains are designed to keep us in our comfort level. Being aware of what could go wrong and finding ways to remain productive in those times is the best thing we can do for ourselves. As 2019 draws to a close we are excited to usher in a new year with new goals. 

Are you ready to make this your best year yet?


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