Substance Sunday - Forgiveness

“Forgiveness, is more than saying sorry.”

-Samantha James

Okay, Samantha James isn’t real, and if you haven’t seen the only movie Samantha is in then you should, but that’s for another day. The character played by Anna Faris isn’t wrong. Forgiveness is so much more than what we may perceive it to be. When we hop on this path we typically come to a point where we have to make amends.


Sure, you were a total dirtbag to people who care about you, you probably lied, cheated, maybe even stolen something. The guilt and the shame you feel is very real. We all feel it. Our blindness from our selfishness crippled our decision making. We don’t need to run through the laundry list of what we remember doing, much less all have things we can’t remember doing. We have spent long enough self loathing and forgiveness is one stop towards healing.


Do you might be asking yourself why do WE need to forgive? Sometimes a roadblock we face on the path of healing is not forgiving ourselves. We carry the guilt and shame like a cross that bears down harder than the burden we sometimes think we have become on those in our lives. This burden can perpetuate into a massive weight that can eat at us until we are nothing left but a relapse prone time bomb.


Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for the hurt you’ve caused. Forgive yourself for the lives you’ve alienated. Forgive yourself for not being who you are meant to be. Forgive yourself for the poor choices you made and the repercussions that followed. It’s okay to want to feel that pain and burden, there is a sense of deserving such feelings, but that was then and this is today. The weight you’re carrying today isn’t part of who you are today. On the day we decided enough was enough we surrendered elements of a destructive life. Usually we fail to surrender this weight. The Bastard LOVES this weight. It sees you struggling to carry it and decides it’s time for a piggyback ride.


Don’t let it. Don’t let this happen. Don’t give these forces the oxygen they need to survive. Forgive yourself. Today. Every single day. Keep moving towards the light and leave this burden in the darkness

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