Substance Sunday - Chapter 4: A Time

Last week we talked about dealing with the Bastard around the holidays. This week we are going to touch upon being selfish in all the right ways. Yes, there are good ways to be selfish, and there are bad ways to be selfish. 

Let’s recognize all the bad ways we’ve been selfish. We have missed major family events, sometimes it may have been for the best. Not everyone in our lives need to see us at our worst. We’ve isolated and sent ourselves into oblivion for some of the strangest reasons. Some of us have even gone as far as to choosing to obliterate our brains when we should have been spending time with someone who is no long with us. 

We all have some strange coping styles. Or we all have some strange styles of spending our free time. Needless to say we are now in a new place, or could be. If you are still struggling with finding the strength and courage to commit to sobriety then please read the remainder of this post with optimism. 

Today, if we have chosen to be and remain sober, we have a new and odd opportunity to be selfish for completely different reasons. If you’re a consistent fan of this blog you know that most of the posts here are to create a better life through simple and easily executed ideas. Most of these ideas often require little to no money to perform. 

When we make the decision to get sober it can mean we have to make a long list of changes in our lives. Simply removing the substance isn’t going to make the magic happen, extra steps are required to solidify the best chances for success. We are about personal wellness selfishness. Studying a new skill, learning to meditate and taking time to read a new book are all things we should be practicing on a regular basis. Exercising our minds can help us stay fresh and sharp. Learning to say no to someone we care about when it comes to taking the time we need to stay centered should be something we practice to ensure we develop the tools necessary to stay out in front of the Bastard. 

Additionally, beyond the mental strengthening, we need to exercise physically. It isn’t just about getting out and working out, it isn’t about running on a treadmill. This isn’t even about looking great naked. This is about setting a challenge and finding the strength and determination to accomplish your goals. Finding the will to do this can translate from physical to mental and emotional. We need to continue working against the Bastard in every single way possible, as maintaining the strength in this arena is crucial for an edge of achieving success. 

The selfish person you were yesterday doesn’t have to be the same selfish person you are today. It’s okay to take time for yourself in the day. What good are you to the people who count on you if you’re not at your best?

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