Substance Sunday - Chapter 4: A Change

Sometimes it isn’t just the big massive commitment, most times it’s the accumulation of the small changes that yield the biggest results.

What we are all doing here, or trying to do, is making changes. Sometimes it takes more than one change for all of this to stick. Often times we are far too stubborn to embrace the change and commit, we are all like this on some level, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. We are humble enough to admit we need help and strong enough to ask for it, if you’ve gotten that far.


When I was in a treatment facility, I was taught that the program is all about change, that my mind and body could be more open to the change required if I made small changes. Change can be a terrifying word, but when we learn to embrace it many amazing things can happen. We were taught to take small bites, bigger bites would cause us to falter and veer off the path we wanted to be on. The Bastard loves watching us fail, so anything that would stress us out or bring on a strong sense of anxiety was welcomed. So we would need to outsmart ourselves. Here’s how we were taught to do it.


Small, simple changes would be the method. Very simple suggestions were tossed around. You wear a watch on your left wrist? Switch to your right. You brush your teeth with your left? Switch to your right. You put your pants on with your right leg first? Now you use your left first. Yes, we are talking about switching hands and feet, it seems simple and basic, right? That’s the point. Nice and easy. One step at a time. Right?


This isn’t just about confusing ourselves and causing frustration at these small slip ups, this was part of the goal. Finding comfort in the face of possible failure. But the real goal here was to change the neural pathways within the brain to open up the possibility for easier acceptance of change. It’s all about finding ease within change. These small changes will subconsciously help train our brains to get used to change.


Again, one step at a time. This isn’t about making big wild promises to ourselves.  This is about promising ourselves small steps of progress. We owe it to ourselves. Let’s give ourselves permission to make small mistakes and make small adjustments. How will you make small progressive changes in your life to achieve certain greatness?





What other changes have we made to compliment the massive change we are all originally here for?

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