Substance Sunday - Chapter 2: A Choice

Choosing a life of sobriety can be one of the more daunting life changes. It’s like removing a security blanket from a child, maybe even removing the net from a trapeze artist. There is that initial gasp staring into the great unknown, but there is a thrill in that leap of faith. We all know how comfortable that routine is, and we’ve gripped it like it was the last gold bar on the planet.


It’s no surprise that there is a correlation between addiction and thrill seekers. There are many addicts and alcoholics who live a sedentary lifestyle, although they seek thrills in other ways. Skating the edge by making poor life choices when it’s clear how dangerous it is has its unique rush, but it certainly isn’t jumping out of a plane. Choosing this life, however, is equally as exhilarating.


Active addiction is a black hole of uncertainty, just as sobriety can be. We find ourselves facing crippling  levels of doubt, fear and anxiety. The great and powerful unknown, walking into the void with a new void can feel lonely and terrifying. Each step we take can feel like the floor is about to drop, sending us into a spiral of poor choices, landing us back in that security blanket and bringing us closer to an untimely demise.


For some this reality is a daily one, sometimes for the best. That edge keeps us honest, it ensures that we continue to strive for greatness. It doesn’t always have to be doom and gloom as we catch our stride, but keeping that reminder fresh in our minds can be one of the most powerful motivator. Our time here is very limited, when the cobwebs have been cleared and we see the infinite possibilities of what could have been we begin to see a clearer path.


This change will be a defining moment is anyone’s life. Finding the strength to turn a crutch to a power is something few addicts get the chance to do. Perceiving the crutch as a power in itself is a strange concept, one that will be explored down the line. But for now, if you or if someone you know is looking to make a change be sure to let him or her know that there is help out there. No one needs to keep digging their own grave, that journey ends whenever he or she is ready


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