Substance Sunday - Chapter 1: An Introduction

I am someone who has abstained from substance abuse for many many years. I wanted part of this creation to be utilized by those still suffering. This was founded on the foundation of wanting to provide people with a way to ignite change within his or her life; along with a way to track and monitor the metrics to ensure progress.


You won’t hear about war stories here, you won’t hear about “this one time,” or anything to that extent. That was then, this is now. We are living in now. To discuss those one times would distract from moving forward and progressing. Such reminiscing will bring us back to a place of wanting to make poor decisions.


This is another installment I invite you to check in on weekly. The Time Management Tuesday and Wellness Wednesday installments have become great resources for our followers, I believe Substance Sunday will be a powerful addition.


I have one goal here: to provide people with an insight to moving on from substances and into more rewarding ways. If you are someone who is out in the world and making poor choices I sincerely invite you to give this a follow and keep an open heart. If you are someone like me who has moved on from substance abuse, I invite you to please be critical of me. If you feel I have said something that needs to be challenged then I want to have that conversation. In public. If I am wrong I will own it and thank you for contributing to my journey.


At this time I will humbly claim my seat. I have been substance free for quite some time. Long enough to make me feel much older than I feel. The amount of time I have put it is irrelevant, as these numbers don’t translate in amounts of quality, only quantity. I have had lost and gained many friends through substance abuse, both active and inactive. There was a moment in my life where I almost bought the farm. Praise the powers that be for sparing me.


I have an idea of how this will flow and grow, but I will remain open to suggestions and ideas from my base. As I said, I created this as a way of providing people with the chance to find new ways to make positive changes in his or her life. We are here to progress. We are here to do it together. I am really looking forward to getting this party started. Thank you, now let’s do this!

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