Sleepy Saturday's - Keeping It Clean In The Sheets

This might come as a surprise to some, but changing your sheets regularly is good for your health. According to a study performed by Mattress Advisor, the most people change their sheets every 24.4 days. Do you change your sheets that frequently? Do you change them more? Less? We’re going to go over why you might want to consider changing your sheets more frequently.


Do you have allergies? Do you have asthma? Sensitive to dust? Not changing our sheets frequently can contribute to symptoms of these issues. Our sheets collect all sorts of things; fungi, regrets bacteria, pollen, bad decisions, pet dander, etc. An allergic reaction or sleeping in conditions that could trigger an asthma attack could be contributing to unforeseen symptoms that might disrupt sleep, or a more restful sleep at that.


Additionally body sections, sweat and skin cells can also be found. Do you sleep naked? Do you go to bed without showering? Do you sweat excessively? These factors can play a role in collecting bacteria where we spend a large portion of our lives. Sometimes having an open lesion or infection will lead to these conditions creating a much bigger issue. While unlikely, these conditions can also trigger eczema and contact dermatitis. Again unlikely, but not impossible.


Do you eat in bed? Those crumbs could be enticing very unwanted visitors, and we aren’t talking about the one night stands that you wish called an Uber instead of making themselves clearly too comfortable. Pests in bed can lead to a variety of issues. Insects can often times be vectors for far worse issues beyond them simply cuddling up next to you. Eliminating eating in bed might be an idea to try out in 2020 if you still eat in bed.


We want to work with you to ensure this part of your routine isn’t something that causes a hindrance. Washing your sheets in hot water is one way to move forward. Some experts recommend ironing your sheets and pillow cases to ensure a safer sleep environment. We also recommend showering before bed, to ensure a more sanitary sleep environment. Avoid putting on lotions or oils if you can, as residue of these can become a breeding ground for bacteria.


We don’t want to, but for some we will point out the obvious, kick off the dirt and debris from your shoes, kick the pets out of bed and not eating or drinking in bed.


How about you? Have you any ideas or suggestions that we might have missed?


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