Sleepy Saturday’s Pillow Talk

A worn out pillow could be the reason you have a restless night. We all can get a little too comfortable with a pillow. Sometimes it’s supported is though countless moments. A great relationship, a tough breakup, a series of binges, etc. For the amount of time we spend in our beds we should be mindful of how frequent we change our pillows. 

When is it time to hang it up? Let’s break this down into 3 categories: Synthetic, Feather and Down. Not all pillows are created equally, in fact a synthetic pillow should be changed every 6-24 months, a feather pillow should be changed every 8 years and a down pillow should be changed every 5 years, all if not sooner. 

To answer your next question, yes, there is a way to test your pillow, unless your neck is telling you it’s about time. Luckily there are only 2 test types. A synthetic pillow test is simple. These are your microfiber, polyester and hollowfibre pillows. Place the pillow on a flat surface. Fold the pillow in half and place a small half pound object on the pillow. If the weight doesn’t move then it’s time for a new pillow. If the pillow sends the weight flying then you still have a good pillow. 

When it comes to feather or down pillows, this test is even easier. Similar to the synthetic test, place the pillow on a flat surface. Fold the pillow in half, if the pillow unfolds to its original form then it is still a good pillow, if it remains folded then it’s time for a new pillow. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first installment of Sleepy Saturday’s. Sleep is an important part of life, this new weekly feature will provide you with ways to get better sleep. Most people nowadays are deprived of good sleep, whether they want to admit it or not. We look forward to helping you sleep better. 

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