Sleepy Saturday - Mattress Topper

Are you familiar with mattress toppers? Mattress toppers offer a one-two punch in sleep benefits. On one hand they offer an instant, palpable increase in comfort. Mattress toppers make even great mattresses even better and will provide an added dimension to your current sleep routine. 

Adding a pillow topper can add some amazing pressure-relieving support to any subpar mattress. Over time some mattresses will begin to sag, causing our backs to take on an uncomfortable and unnecessary added pressure. A pillow topper can help neutralize this threat. 

Many quality mattresses can cost into the thousands, and be worth every penny. Some more modestly priced can cost several hundreds. It doesn’t matter how much you paid, adding a pillow topper won’t break the bank. They can range from $70-$120. If you purchased a modestly priced mattress, this is where you should splurge. A better topper can last up to 5 years. 

Another way in which pillow toppers are beneficial is they increase the longevity of the mattress. We spend a lot of time in our beds, sometimes we don’t spend enough time. A pillow topper will be a warm (or cool) invitation to get very comfortable. This simple addition to any bed offers protection to your current mattress. Protection from dust, spills and dander can add some value to your mattress, which nowadays can get expensive. It can also alleviate pressure from partner movement and keep the mattress from moving. 

We hope this article has provided enough insight to motivate you to look into the right topper for you. 


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