Sleepy Saturday: Clean Your Room

A study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin in 2010 utilized linguistic analysis to measure how upward of 60 individuals talked about their homes. Those who took the survey that sounded depressed and fatigued used words like “cluttered” and “unfinished projects” when discussing their home. Contrasting were people who used words like “restorative” and “restful” with a more balanced tone. Additionally the more restful participants reported a lower level of production of cortisol. 

There is much to be said regarding how we feel after we clean our room, short and long term. While the referenced study above is indicative of a psychological impact, we can also highlight that a clean room is a more sanitized room. A few weeks ago we talked about some of the dangers of fungi and mold in our beds, so it’s no surprise that decluttering and cleaning will only enhance a continuation of that effort. 

We spend more time in our bedrooms than we sometimes realize. Our surroundings have a significant impact on how we feel internally, keeping things straightened up and flowing in this room has relevance. Sure, cleaning your room won’t get you that promotion, but the peace and clarity that comes with a clean room can help contribute to other aspects of your life that can. It’s the structure and consistency that follows that’s where the magic can happen. This is partly why former and current military personnel lead a structured life, their days start with a clean room. 

Part of our mission here is to not only provide you with actionable ideas, but to show you why taking that action will work for you. Are there other ideas to enhance your sleep experience beyond the ways listed above? We want to hear about them!


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