Sleepy Saturday - Blue Light Awareness

If you have been paying attention to new features on software updates for cell phones, you probably noticed night shift and dark mode options.  These modifications to our technology were designed to help reduce the amount of blue light that hits our eyes.  

Our eyes do not block blue light rays.  While we can block out harmful UV rays from our retina, our eyes are not designed to block blue light waves.  This can lead to macular degeneration.  When blue light rays penetrate deep into the retina, they can damage light sensitive cells in the retina.  This can lead to digital eye strain.  Digital eye strain is a group of eye and vision related problems that are a result from prolonged use of computers, tablets, e-readers and cell phones.

While cessation of blue light emitting technology is probably the best remedy for blue light exposure, we can all agree how difficult this will be.  Blue light blocking lenses are readily available.  One reason why this is so important is because some studies have shown that blue light exposure can disrupt sleep.  At ELS, we highlight blue light restrictions on our Evolution Life Weekly Planner, which is always available for free digital download.

We hope you took something from this entry.  We always hope to shed light, not blue light, on ways to contribute to a healthier and better lived life.  We look forward to helping you and those around you!  Thank you!


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