Part of My Story

I don't open up and talk about my story too often, but I feel its worth sharing and giving people some sense of hope.  I started taking CBD in the fall 2017.  The truth is, I am in recovery for a long long time so I wrestled with taking CBD since it is derived from cannabis.  However, after a few weeks of weighing my options and pros and cons I decided to take the plunge.  My biggest concern was experiencing some level of psychoactive response, which never came.  

I initially started taking is as a remedy for ADHD.  Being someone who is heavily opposed pharmacological interventions on this level, CBD was a solid avenue to explore.  I used to take a product called PS-PA which was a stress hormone regulator and it worked wonders, but the discontinuation of that product led me to CBD.  The most amazing thing about CBD is you can start to take it for reason A, but you continue to take it for reasons B, C, D, E, F, G and so on.  It's been one of those most profound life changing experiences I've had.  Since taking CBD I changed career paths, found myself in new and better positions year in and year out, moved into new areas, better homes, etc.  Essentially, I have been on a powerful upward progression of improvement in my life.

When I started taking CBD I was working in construction, a job I sometimes miss for a few reasons, but those reasons never outweigh the danger and uncertainty that came with the territory.  I was smoking nearly a pack a day when I started taking CBD, in addition to working outdoors around other relentless smokers.  This was my challenge, quitting smoking while I working in a high stress environment surrounded by other smokers who never stopped.  If I could survive this, I could survive anything.  And I did.  

In a few months time I quit smoking, my first daughter was born and I took a new job on a new career path.  Now, I am not saying that this couldn't have been possible without CBD, but it allowed me to gain the focus, drive and determination to make massive changes in my life, a momentum that continues to grow and thrive within me today!  I urge anyone reading this to take a moment and see which areas of their lives can be changed and improved.  I assure you that CBD can help enhance this desire to make positive change and growth within you.  It is infectious, you might help someone around you make necessary changes.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  If you feel you have taken something of value to my words here, I ask that you share this article on your social media platforms to help share the experience, strength and hope with others around you.  Until then, thank you and take care!


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