Motivational Monday - Quit Multitasking

I hate saying the word quit, but we are all guilty of it, multitasking.  I know what you're thinking, "pssh, I can multitask."  While you might think you're doing a great thing, studies show that you aren't; and that is okay.  

Focusing on one task at a time is a more suitable option.  We spread ourselves thin enough as it is, why make it worse?  Multitasking basically has us starting 5 tasks and spreading out to get them all done, instead of a rapid fire execution.  Plus when we multitask we also run the risk, of being distracted.  Do not let thinking that you can optimize your productivity stand in the way of getting things done.  Just because you are busy it doesn't mean you're getting any work done.

This week, try this out.  Try to focus on one task at a time.  Write a list if you have to.  Get organized.  Focus.  Download a copy of our new Evolution Life Weekly Planner and let us be a contributing factor to your success.  Download it for free at the link below!

Thank you for reading and have a productive week!

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