Motivational Monday - Focus

Like most things in life, our bodies follow our eyes. Where we focus is ultimately where we will go. When we drive, as our eyes glance towards a catchy billboard or that shiny newer model of the car we drive as it passes by, the car tends to move in that direction. Our distractions derail even our best efforts, often times we can’t resist. 

There is a saying that motorcycle riders are familiar with, you look down, you go down. It’s a simple concept, and an effective one, yet not all who ride follow this to the T. It’s easy for us to get comfortable and complacent, we take our foot off the gas, we start to lose momentum, we replace drive with misplaced confidence. Resting on our laurels has never brought us any amount of success. 

Today, as we begin another ascent to the top for the week, let’s keep our focus, let’s keep pushing and driving to our destination. Keep in mind, someone out there is trying to accomplish the same thing you are and has more resources than you. Let’s get out there and go harder than that person today! 


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