Manic Monday: Set Your Goal

Set Your Goal

Last week we started talking about strategies to help achieve your goals. This week we are going to go over 4 simple steps to set the right goal. Let’s keep this train moving!

Step 1: Identify Your Goal. 

The simpler you keep this goal the simpler it will be to stay focused. 

Step 2: Imagine The Result

Fantasize about how delightful it will be to finish.

Step 3: Define Roadblocks

What will stand in your way? 

Step 4: Plan Detours

How will you get around whatever gets in your way? 

These four steps are only worth knowing when you’re actively engaged with achieving your goals. So put down the device, pick up a pen and start writing it all out! We will soon be offering free digital downloads of a great planner that’s designed to keep things on track. Stay tuned!


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