Manic Monday: Remembering Greatness

We lost an amazing example of excellence yesterday. Kobe Bryant was one of the most celebrated basketball stars of our time. A man like that doesn’t get to where he was by simply showing up, Kobe had an incredible work ethic and routine, one the would explain how he was able to rise to the top. 


He was committed to developing his raw talent. He did so in a relentless manner giving no leeway to coming up short. The Black Mamba was the perfect representation of perseverance and determination. Most former teammates will speak to this, men like him create a culture that becomes infectious with this type of ethic. We are all fortunate to even know about what he was able accomplish and how he was able to make it happen. 

I may not have been a fan of basketball, but I am a fan of learning about productivity habits. Kobe’s habits are ranked very high in my book. He challenged himself in ways I find both inspiring and motivating. 

Today, I want to start an accountability challenge. How will this work? Simple, I’m going to give anyone the opportunity to share a goal on an Instagram story. Then I’m going to share it, come Friday we are going to go ahead and check in on said goal. 

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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