Manic Monday - Pulling Through

From my quarantine to yours, hello! It’s been about a week since everything has come to a grinding halt; the waiting game has begun. A lot of us have been sent home, or worse, laid off. I get it, this is a rather unsettling time we live in. A lot of us weren’t prepared for this. We didn’t have backup plans in order and now we are exposed.

 For some this has been a wake up call, for some this has been a mini vacation, a very delayed reprise of the holiday season break. Some of us are binge watching our favorite shows, some new shows. Some of us are becoming temporary teachers, battling common core math with better ways of solving problems, some of us are looking to YouTube for free college courses. 

One thing I would recommend looking into, if you’re worried about what’s going on and want to help, is look into the list of federally recognized essential employees. These are the people who are still getting up and making their way to work while some of us stay home and wait. I can tell you that their experience of this is flying by opposed to sitting and waiting.


 Some of us want to help, some of us mean well, being on the front lines of this pandemic, though scary, is something that is honorable and rewarding   We salute the men and women out there trying to make it through this trying time. This is one beautiful part about being American, witnessing our friends and family be brave and power through this, selflessly. These people are sources of inspiration and deserve a solid vacation when this is all over. 

There are two types of people in quarantine right now, those who are waiting and those who are seizing opportunity. Which one are you? 

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