Manic Monday: Perception

Good morning and Happy Manic Monday! 2020 will bring in a new collection of posts from us, each week starting with Manic Monday. Manic Monday is designed to offer you ideas to generate a positive workflow. Monday can be a tough nut to crack, so we are going to do our best to share effective measures to battle the urge to hit snooze and stay enaged with moving forward. 

Perception really is the best place to start, which is why this week’s post is 100% all about that. Perception. 

Look, I get it, it’s a real pain in the ass to wake up on Monday. Maybe we’re electrolyte deprived, maybe we binged a little too hard on Sunday night, maybe we don’t like our smug and crap faced boss who probably got their job on someone’s recommendation and certainly not on merit. Seriously who does Brad, or Karen, think they are? We see you. You’re full of crap. 

Maybe it isn’t Brad, maybe it isn’t the binging, maybe it isn’t the electrolytes. Maybe we’re kinda lazy? Maybe we just don’t care? Maybe, just maybe, we’re looking at it all wrong. We can look at it and think “I have to deal with Brad today,” or “I have to stop binging,” and finally “I have to monitor what I put in my body.”

Yeah, I hear you, sounds like a flipping chore. Why don’t we throw these on that stinky ass pile of dirty clothes and handle it next week, right? Wrong. Dead ass wrong. Fifty shades of wrong. Let’s try something new…

“Today I get to really drill down and see why I feel the way I do and what I can do differently.” Sure, chances are you may have drank too much and not your electrolytes are all off. Makes sense, you’re dehydrated and maybe sleep deprived - if you want help on sleep follow this account for tips and tricks to hack a better night’s sleep on Saturdays. 

“I can probably make better use of my time instead of watching a predictable show to have a 30 second conversation with a coworker I won’t know in the next 6 months.” We can talk about the decline in “creativity” coming out of Hollywood another time, but for now, it barely ever serves us. It’s a senseless distraction that holds no place in the life of someone who wants to grow and evolve. Your time is worth more than this. Read a book, learn a skill, meditate. These opportunities exist every day in our lives. Instead of feeling chained, tell yourself you get an opportunity to enhance your life and develop yourself further. 

Finally, “Today I get the chance to find a new way to navigate my time around Brad(or Karen).” Our superiors at work can be a freaking nightmare, sometimes. Other times they can be the devil. Or they might just be pleasant. If you have a dream situation with no ill will towards your coworkers then you can pass by this, or enjoy the forthcoming pulitzer prize worthy writing. I’ve had some shitty bosses over the years. I mean complete douchebags who had zero control in their lives and compensated for that by making less than favorable choices designed to, possibly inadvertently, demolish any semblance of “culture” and “morale” in the workplace. 

That being said, over the years I’ve taken the time to learn how to navigate around such figures at work. There isn’t a one size fits all solution, but the challenge in figuring out a plan and executing it added a new level of motivation and inspiration in going to work. Once things get dialed in then going to work was more like an adventure opposed 

Each problem in our lives is really a masked opportunity. How we choose to look at it, our perception of the problem, is solely up to us. When we let our perception bog down our abilities we become our own enemy, we sabotage our best efforts. When we make the choice to see things differently we take control of situations in our lives that allow us to further engage in our lives in ways that facilitate growth and positive changes. Make the choice. Make the change. 

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