Manic Monday: Motion

“A body in motion stays in motion.” - Sir Isaac Newton

Above is the first law in motion, it sounds so very simple but it’s also so very true. Sure, you can certainly continue the law and declare “with the same speed and same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” If you wish to concede to that unbalanced force than you should probably stay at rest, simply because, with respect to the law, a body as rest, stays at rest. 

Hitting the snooze button can be fun. It’s an act of defiance, more often than not we are the ones who imposed such a limit on ourselves. Defying even ourselves brings on a sense of power, like a big F you to the man, or woman. However, like procrastination, we know full well that we are just screwing ourselves in the long run. Seriously, get up and be somebody. You better get up, get out and get some! For when you don’t, someone else is. This someone might very well be someone looking to replace you at work, or this is someone with the same finite goal as you, you’re going to let someone achieve your goal? 

Wake up, look in the mirror, it’s you versus you, it always has been, it always will be. Sometimes that first step is the hardest. When Newton moved toward the life of greatness he achieved, he did it the same way that you will achieve your own greatness, one step at a time, one act of motion at a time. We don’t need to be gunning for greatness every step, but we should keep this close in our minds, moving towards that goal. 

Monday sucks only as hard as we let it. It’s not an end to a weekend of nothing, it’s an opportunity to achieve more greatness than you achieved last Monday. Now get up, get out and get cracking!

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