Manic Monday - Look Where You Want To Go

Our bodies follow our eyes. When we drive a car, we constantly look around the bend. When we ride a bike, we look out to what’s ahead of you. When we walk, we rarely look at our feet. When we look down, we go down. When we obsess over the position we are currently in, we remain there. Goals are meant to be smashed. Once smashed, irs important to have another goal ready to reload. 

Going from A to B is tricky when it comes to this; once we get to B we need to have had C ready, even all the way to Z. Remaking ready with a direction, plan and series of goals can help guide us to areas of our path we didn’t think of previously. Our own flexibility can be what creates a powerful environment for greatness we can’t see just yet. Knowing that our limits are endless when we remain flexible can force us to see things we aren’t able to see in the planning phase. 

Our point today is when we look down, we go down. When we sit in our misery we sit in our misery. When we look where we want to go we can begin to build momentum. That momentum will carry us from point A to B and onto Z! Let’s make this week the week you begin to really fee and understand our own momentum. We control our momentum. No one else. 

Are you ready?

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