Manic Monday - Battling Procrastination

Battling Procrastination

Ahhhh the dreaded P word, the crappiest part of being human, our nonstop need for comfort. It’s difficult to remain stagnant with a sense of urgency. We can start putting up shots like mad(wo)men and hope something sticks, or we can get our shit together and bring about a laser focus unlike any other. Chances are we will land in the middle and find a happy medium of productivity and well deserved reward. 

Below are 4 so like steps to get moving. They say the shortest distance between two places is a straight line and you can’t get there unless you start. It’s normally the best way to get things going, to start. 

Step 1: Start. 

Pick up your shovel and start digging! 

Step 2: Block Distractions

Blinders baby, put them up high and start executing.  

Step 3: Set a 20 minute Timer

Give yourself a chunk of time to get your work done in and three, two, one, go!

Step 4: Focus


Step 5: Reward

Once that alarm goes off give yourself the indulgence you deserve, make sure it’s appropriate. 

Sometimes it’s a challenge, we all get it. Some days that shovel is heavier than others. But once you get it in your hands it’s easier to start digging, so dig away and overcome that pathetic, pesky P word. 

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