Change. Or Adjustment.

Change is terrifying, without a single doubt.  We resist against the current, we try to find ways around it, we fight so hard and exert so much energy that we end up kicking ourselves when we finally do make the adjustment and realize how foolish it was to waste so much time.  Let’s also break that down real quick, adjustment.  What is an adjustment?  Adjustment is defined as a small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance or result.  Would you rather change?  Or adjust?  One word sounds traumatic and the other sounds like a slight deviance from the current norm.  One sounds like defeat and the other like an adaptation.  You can call it what you will, but at the end of the day we can all agree that change is good. 


The only constant is in fact change, it happens every day.  Our bodies change, our thoughts change, our environments change, our expectations change, we are surrounded by change.  It truly never ends and thank god for that.  Can you imagine the mundane world we would all live in without something as predictable as change?  Could you imagine the worn in concave patterns of your footprints if you walked the same paces day in and day out?  Can you imagine the mind numbing existence we would all have without some deviation from the norm?  Yeah, neither will I.  We don’t all need to make a complete one hundred eighty degree turn, ok some of us do, we won’t name any names here, but you might know who you are.  Regardless, making changes don’t need to be something you dread, it should be celebrated and revered as a constant in our lives.  


This is why most New Year's resolutions end without completion.  There is a lack of commitment to the change, largely in part that said resolution requires a significant amount of energy.  Unless it's a life or death situation, we both know how this is ending.  Biting off more than we can chew is natural, we always want more, and that’s okay.  However some things, such as change, should come in small bite size doses.  Look, let’s be fair, you didn’t wake up one day with bad habits; they had to develop over time.  You didn’t wake up one day and started cutting corners, you didn’t wake up and wonder how can you slack off in new and exciting ways today.  That shit took time, right?  So how is making a change, or adjustment, any different?  


You want change?  Write down what you want to change.  Go for it, don’t jot it down in the notes app on your phone, pull out a pen and a piece of paper and write it out. 


Good, do it again. 


And again. 


And again. 


You want change?  Write down what you want to change.  Go for it, don’t jot it down in the notes app on your phone, pull out a pen and a piece of paper and write it out. 


Wear your watch on the opposite wrist.  If you wear it on your left wrist, wear it on your right.  If you wear it on you right wrist, wear it on your left.  


Change wallet pockets.  If your wallet is in your left back pocket, put it in your left back pocket.  If your wallet is in your front left pocket, put it in your right front pocket.  If you do not use a wallet, change the pockets in which you place your cell phone.  Treat your cell phone like its a wallet.


Switch the hands you use when eating.  If you hold the fork with your left hand, hold it with your right hand and so on.


The trick here is to put yourself in familiar situations that feel slightly off, then find comfort within the discomfort.  This won;t happen overnight, but over time we will gain the comfort.  The above suggestions won’t make you ambidextrous, but if you commit who am I to say otherwise?  The message here is clear, change is inevitable and finding comfort within that change is a very real possibility.  Taking small sized bites of change will allow us to digest the impending bigger change, sorry, adjustments.  


A couple of years ago, around the same time of year, I made the decision to quit smoking cigarettes.  I was a couple of months away from New Years and I made my preparations to do this ahead of time.  I had the help of a powerful supplement and the stern life or death commitment to make it happen.  Sometimes it takes that mentality to make sure the change occurred, I could have kept smoking but I had a kid on the way and needed to not have that around her.  It still was a terrifying thought.  I was walking away from something that I did for more than half my life, it was almost like giving up a finger.  But the change was necessary and I made the proper preparations to do so.  It wasn’t easy, but it was done.


Adjustments are more than feasible, they are inevitable.  Without change we would still be keeping warm solely by fire, using horses to get places and probably using a hoop and stick to keep ourselves entertained.  OK, those were extreme, but you get the point.  If you had other reservations regarding such adjustments, keep this in mind; tides are constantly changing.  We can’t envision a world without this, the ebbing and flowing of the tides, there is no reason why we as humans can work to be this fluid when it comes to making such adjustments.  


Let’s go out and start making those changes!  

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