Adios 2020

Adios 2020!

Needless to say, this was a beyond challenging year, for everyone. It was a year of personal growth, setbacks and all points in between. There were many lows, but there were highs that blow them out of the water. My wife had spent the majority of this mess of a year carrying our second daughter, who she delivered in August, she did an amazing job as always and hopefully our youngest doesn’t have to endure the type of year our oldest had to suffer through.

While her and I created life, we were surrounded by the destruction of life as well. In one week three people I knew passed away, all in varying ways. My oldest friend in this lifetime passed away, which had left me feeling quite confused and off. Three great men I’ve known had all passed away within less than a week. It’s still so hard to fathom.

I know our products really helped drive my focus and keep me on the right path this year. It was not an easy path, but it wasn’t the most challenging. There were beautiful days, there were amazing days, there were always some magical days. It’s easy to look back on the negatives of this year, they are abundant and starkly contrasted.

As this year tapers off I am noticing a new attitude. We all know what we can handle, we all have seen how strong and resilient we are. The people we were one year ago are not the people we are today. Some of us are shattered and shell shocked. Some of us are angry and enraged with the devastation with which we are surrounded. Some of us are ready to put on an extra layer of armor and get back out into the arena. I am one of those warriors.

I’m not going to say that 2021 is going to be the year we turn it all around, far be it from me to have such a reckless approach. But I think we can safely say we have learned our lessons from 2020 and are prepared and ready to expect every single unexpected event that is being thrown our way.

I am grateful for the all the amazing connections that came out of 2020, we are all going into this next round of battle committed to greatness. I’m looking forward to working more in depth with more and more of you all. Here’s to another wild ride in 2021!

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